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Volumetric Concrete FAQ’s for Clients in Tunbridge Wells

If you’re running a site project in Tunbridge Wells or any other location in our wide trading area, we’re sure you’re already aware of volumetric concrete. Very few concrete suppliers covering Tunbridge Wells can offer their customers a choice of volumetric or ready mix concrete. Instead, they rely on a single type of concrete lorry to make each delivery and this can limit the options of their private clients and contractors.

With Easycrete, you can have the type of concrete you need delivered to site exactly how you want it. Here, our concrete suppliers answer questions on volumetric concrete so that you can choose the right kind of delivery for your project.

When might I need volumetric concrete?

Our concrete suppliers can provide you with volumetric concrete deliveries, anywhere in the Tunbridge Wells area, for just about any purpose. Because a volumetric concrete lorry can pour almost twice the load of a normal ready mix concrete vehicle, larger projects are particularly suitable. Even then, we still provide volumetric concrete for the smallest jobs.

How do volumetric concrete deliveries work?

Ready mix concrete is made to a recipe at our plant in South Godstone then mixed en-route to your Tunbridge Wells site. A volumetric concrete lorry has individual storage compartments for aggregates, sand and cement. Nothing is mixed until our concrete suppliers arrive onsite. This ensures you’ll never over-order on your delivery.

Is a volumetric delivery cheaper than ready mix concrete?

This depends. If you use a full load of ready mix concrete and there are no return charges, a delivery to Tunbridge Wells will be very similar in price. With volumetric concrete, you only pay for the exact amount of material poured. This is because the concrete lorry we send mixes as pouring takes place. Your delivery can be stopped at the flick of a switch.

What happens if I need different grades of concrete?

If this is the case, volumetric concrete will be a much better option than ready mix concrete. Our concrete suppliers can stop pouring one grade of material from a volumetric concrete lorry, change the settings and switch to another grade immediately. Clients in Tunbridge Wells have the ability to have all requirements met in one single delivery.

Will volumetric technology make ready mix concrete obsolete?

Far from it. Ready mix concrete deliveries are still widely used by clients and contractors in the Tunbridge Wells area. This is because large volumes can be delivered to a precise mix, especially when more than one concrete lorry is hired. Ready mix concrete still contributes to simple site management and will always be available from our company.

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What kind of concrete delivery will you need for your job in Tunbridge Wells? Call our concrete suppliers now and we’ll help you decide.
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