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About our Concrete Suppliers in Surrey

Easycrete Ltd are family-owned and independent ready-mix concrete suppliers. Established in 2003 and based in South Godstone, Surrey, we specialise in the supply of ready-mix concrete, mix-on-sitevolumetric concrete, pumped and fibre-reinforced concrete, foam concrete and floor screeds.From modest beginnings of just one concrete lorry and two staff, we now own a large fleet of vehicles and employ more than 15 staff.

During 2015, our company moved to larger premises in Surrey where we have invested in a new electronic batching plant and concrete recycling facility to meet with the increasing demands of our customers and the ever-changing face of the construction industry.

Our new facility enables us to batch 1m3 of ready-mix and volumetric concrete per minute, up to 300m3 per day, meaning our output capability is significantly increased so we can offer a faster, more efficient service. Our batch mix operator uses a fully computerised quality control, mix and production management system, which we combine with the best locally-sourced raw materials to ensure the highest quality of product for our customers.

Every Easycrete Customer is Important

Our new Surrey plant and our ever-growing drum and mobile batching concrete lorry fleet means we are able to confidently handle bigger orders for large contractors seeking ready-mix concrete and volumetric concrete without compromising our levels of service to smaller local builders in Surrey and the surrounding South East areas.

Often, multi-national concrete suppliers allow orders from larger contractors and developers to take precedent over orders from smaller builders. We are proud of our reputation for being a friendly and knowledgeable company to work with.Every customer is as important as the next, receiving the same levels of honest, first-class service.

Easycrete isCaring for the Environment

At Easycrete, we try to minimise our impact on the environment as much as possible. Our cements are sourced from a local supplier so there is less transport time involved and our aggregates are derived from quarries located as close as possible to us. We stock recycled aggregates and encourage customers to use them wherever practical as an environmentally friendly option. We have a recycling facility that minimises the waste of all our materials.

All equipment and transport is maintained to ensure emissions are kept to a minimum and we have systems in place to ensure as little waste as possible is generated and sent to landfill. We are ethical concrete suppliers in Surrey committed to ensuring the future of commercial activity in as an environmentally-friendly and sustainable way as possible.

Investing in our Local Community

We believe in investing in our local community, making it a priority to employ local people as members of our team and regularly supporting local community projects and causes in the Surrey area. While ready-mix concrete and volumetric concrete are the cornerstones of our business, we understand the people and communities should always be a priority.

If you would like to find out more about our community work, please call us today and we’ll be only too happy advise you on our previous projects.

To discuss our Surrey-based company, or to arrange a delivery from a volumetric concrete lorry on our fleet, call us now on 01342 349451.
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