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Quality and Safety with Easycrete

Easycrete take great pride in having achieved BSI accreditation for the supply of ready-mixed and mobile batched concrete. Both products are produced to British Standard BS EN206 and BS8500-2, and each of them comply with ISO 9001.

When you buy ready mixed concrete from us, you receive a product of the highest quality accredited by British and European Standards. As most members in our industry know, the BSI certificate is a mark of true distinction and status. A condition of our accreditation is to carry out regular audits and reviews of all of our products.

We undertake site samples of our ready mixed concrete in cube form and these are then tested for strength, quality and consistency.

Safety in the Workplace

At Easycrete, we recognise the importance of Health and Safety in the workplace. We are committed to the due care of our employees whilst at work. Every operative is fully trained to acknowledge and understand the importance of safety whilst working.

We also integrate safety into their day-to-day work production. There is also a duty of care to any of the customers who come into contact with our products.

Read the following pointers as a safety guide to handling concrete:

  • Keep well out of reach of children and animals. If any cement material has got onto your skin or into your eyes, thoroughly wash all points of contact.
  • Fresh concrete or screed can cause dermatitis and skin disease as well as serious burns to skin and eyes. Do not swallow under any circumstances.
  • Seek medical attention if symptoms persist or if you have any doubts.
  • Always wear protective clothing such as goggles, gloves, long sleeved clothing, safety boots and trousers. If any of your clothing becomes saturated with cementitious material, wash thoroughly before reuse.
  • Concrete is a heavy substance. Do not try and carry more than you feel is comfortable and risk causing injury.

For more information on health and safety when handling concrete, call Easycrete now.
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