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Using the latest computerised batching plant technology, Easycrete can batch 1m3 of concrete per minute up to 300 m3 per day. Please call one our technical team who will be happy to advise you on the best mix of concrete for your project, whether tailored to your specific needs or using industry standards.

All our materials conform to BSI and building code standards giving you added confidence that we only supply top quality concrete with excellent workability and durability. We believe in caring for the environment and our advanced recycling plant enables us to recycle and reuse materials wherever possible. We constantly look to improve our green thinking throughout our business.

Readymix on Drum mixers 6m3 and 8m3 vehicles providing ready-mixed concrete that include nominal, standard, dry lean, designated and standard mixes of concrete.
Mix-on-Site Volumetric mixers Fully-automated and able to mix both concrete and screeds. Supplied to site with all the constituent materials to enable you to alter the mix mid pour, if necessary and only use and pay for the exact quantity you use.

Our volumetric concrete lorries allow us to cover a much wider geographical area than a conventional drum mixer lorry and our driver will allow 10 minutes per metre for despatch before any extra charges are incurred.
Pumped concrete We offer both land line and boom concrete pumps for hire which allows up to five hours use on site. (Please provide 48 hours’ notice of hire.) Pump hire allows maximum flexibility as there is no limit to the quantity you can pump provided it is more than 2m3.

  • Any price quoted for a pump will be for 5 hours on site.
  • Waiting time is £45/hr thereafter for line pumps and £55/hr for boom pumps.
  • Pipeline over 40m will be charged at £2/m and overtime of £16/hr after 4pm and midday on Saturdays.
  • Customers are required to provide a bag of cement for every 20m of pipeline.

Boom pumps deliver concrete at height or where there is limited access and use of a land line pump would be impractical or against safety regulations.

Land line pumps are available in a standard length of 40m which is usually suitable for most projects. Longer pipeline is available at additional cost.
Waterproof Concrete Easycrete will accommodate most types of waterproofing additive you require. The most commonly used are Caltite, SIKA and PUDLO.
Foam concrete The process of laying foamed concrete is relatively simple. It requires no compacting when placed, which reduces time required to back fill and increases productivity and lowers costs. The trench & void fill flow-able foam concrete system is noted for its ability to produce H.A.U.C. (UK) - approved materials.

Foam concrete is suitable for both large and small excavations. It can be used to install and decommission bunkers, septic tanks and cellars. Its multi-drop delivery also makes it well-suited to filling mass voids.
Floor screeds Easycrete uses the latest screed technology to deliver and mix on site using our innovative truck delivery system. We supply batch on-floor screed with retarders and fibres for commercial and domestic projects.
‘LEGO’ style concrete blocks Easycrete concrete blocks are manufactured under a quality assurance scheme assessed and certified to BS EN 9001:2000 by the British Standards Institute

‘LEGO’ style high density load bearing units offering multi-functional solutions for:

  • Retaining Walls
  • Storage
  • Barricades
  • Bunds

Manufactured using a high cement content, sand and aggregate mix creating robust, durable blocks with diverse capabilities used in the construction and agricultural industries.

To determine the type of concrete you need please refer to the application chart below and also our concrete laying tips:

What Mix Do I Need? Tips On How To Lay Concrete

For more information about any of our products, please call Easycrete on 01342 349451 now!
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